Yogeshwar will take your demands to PM: Dushyant Chautala

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Hooda did not do even do half of what the coalition government has already done for development of Baroda – Dushyant Chautala

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Deputy CM of the state Dushyant Chautala launched political attack on Congress and Former CM Bhupender Hooda. Dushyant Chautala said that how can those who looted the state for 10 years, call themselves friends of the public whereas they were the ones helping outsiders like Robert Vadra loot the state. He said that the current coalition government has in one year of its governance announced 2 colleges, a university, 35 crores for roads and development of panchayat and many other development works for Baroda. He said has Hooda even done half of this for Baroda? He was campaigning for coalition candidate Yogeshwar Dutt in Gangana, Bhavarh, Medina, Rukhi, Rabhda villages of the constituency. He received a warm welcome from villagers and was garlanded on his arrival for campaigning.

Deputy CM while addressing residents said that Bhupender Hooda and his son MP Deepender Hooda never came to Baroda in this term and now while asking for your votes, they are going door to door and saying they are one of you. He asked as to how many times, they came forward for the development of Baroda and how many times have they worked for the people of Baroda? He said that during his government, Bhupender Hooda had looted the land of farmers and handed it over to outsiders like ‘damad ji’ Robert Vadra.

Dushyant Chautala said that Baroda constituency is stronghold of Ch. Devi Lal and Yogeshwar Dutt will record a historic win here. He appealed to residents to vote for BJP-JJP coalition candidate Yogeshwar Dutt for the development of the region. He said that wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt has brought accolades to the state both nationally and internationally. He said because of his fame Yogeshwar Dutt can take your issues to Prime Minister and President whereas the Congress candidate cannot go beyond Bhupender Hooda.

Dushyant Chautala said that Congress leaders are misleading farmers on the issue of MSP and Mandi system. He said that the way the current government has procured the produce, it is clear to everyone as to who is the real well wisher of farmers. He said that Haryana is procuring maximum number of crops on MSP and now the government will procure Groundnuts on MSP for the first time.

He said that the farmers in the state are happy with the direct payment in their accounts and in the Kharif season alone, government has paid approximately rupees 3500 crores. He said that Congress ruled states Punjab and Rajasthan are not paying suitable price to farmers and because of that the farmers in Punjab are compelled to stop road and rail traffic. Taking a jibe at Congress leadership, he said that they had to first inform Rahul Gandhi that they will be taking him from Punjab border to Haryana on a tractor.

Sports minister Sardar Sandeep Singh said that coalition government is encouraging sports in the state. He said that Baroda will become a sports hub and more and more youngsters will be groomed to win olympic medals. He appealed to Baroda residents to vote for BJP- JJP candidate Yogeshwar Dutt and become active participants in this path for development.

On this occasion JJP Senior National Vice President Dr. KC Bangarh, JJP National Vice President Telu Ram Jogi, JJP MLA Amarjeet Dhandha, District President Padam Dahiya, Chairman of Haryana Scheduled Caste Finance and Development Corporation Pawan Kharkhoda, former MLA candidate Bhupender Malik, JJP Youth in charge Sumit Rana and other JJP-BJP leaders and workers were present.


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