Working on Overall Sports Development: Sports Minister

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Players need energy to win, for which they must consume nutritious food, which increases their ability to play and perform their best in the game with full strength.

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Sports Minister Sandeep Singh

Haryana Minister of State for Sports and Youth Affairs, Mr. Sandeep Singh has said that the Haryana Government is persistently striving for the overall development of the sportspersons and is working towards ensuring that Haryana excels in sports and bags top position.

Mr. Sandeep Singh was speaking today in a webinar organised by the Department of Sports and Youth Affairs on the theme ‘The contribution of diet to improve health and play of Sportspersons’. He said that diet of a sports person is as important as their hard work. Players need energy to win, for which they must consume nutritious food, which increases their ability to play and perform their best in the game with full strength.

He said that foods like milk, ghee, curd, butter are an integral part of diet in Haryana from the very beginning and are beneficial for the health as well however, it is imperative to have information regarding the quantity of such products to be consumed. Keeping this in mind, the webinar had been organised today. He further added that the home cooked food is full of nutrients and if consumed in a proper manner, the health of player can be improved which will help in good performance in games as well.

Elaborating on it further he said that most of the players have moved ahead from the grassroot level and they should be a source of inspiration to all to move forward. The present government is providing sports facilities to the youth at the village-level which has led to emergence of several international-level sportspersons from rural areas who have made a name for themselves and the country across the globe.

The government is working to provide better conditions for the growth of the youth of the state, he added. Furthermore, every effort possible is being made to provide facilities to every corner of the state. He stated that similar programmes facilitating the overall development of sportspersons, will be organized in the near future in which information related to mental, physical and injury emergencies of the players will be provided.

Sports Minister Sandeep Singh

In the programme, Principal Secretary, Sports and Youth Affairs Department, Mr. Yogendra Chaudhary said that any person can touch great heights with hard work. He asserted that the government is working on the ‘gaps in governance’. In old times, emphasis was laid on food, due to which the people remained healthier and even today people are adopting the traditional foods. Nutritionist, Ms. Ruchika Sodhi gave information about nutritious food to the senior officers of the Sports Department and DSYAO and coaches stating that the players should focus on ‘Eat Desi-Eat Local’ which is beneficial for their health. She said that abundant protein, fat and carbohydrates are available in Haryanvi food and the players and athletes will be benefitted by eating them. Director, Sports and Youth Affairs Department, Mr. S.S. Phulia expressed gratitude to all the dignitaries present at the programme.

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