The Other Hooda from Sanghi

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As a doctor, Ramji Lal had served the people of Hisar for half a century. He was ever ready to visit any village to see his patients while travelling by bullock-cart, camel, cycle or even on foot.


Today, Sangi village name is known by former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda and his son Rajya Sabha MP Deepender Singh Hooda.

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Freedom fighter Ch. Ranbir Singh, father of Bhupinder Hooda come from this village.

Ch. Ranbir remained Minister in undivided Punjab and his father Matu Ram was also known for his immense contribution in social and education.

But one another important name hailing from this village is less known today to current generation is Dr. Ramji Lal Hooda (1864-1943)

Born in Sanghi in a peasant family, Dr Ramji Lal was the youngest among his sisters and brothers.

After doing his early education from village Ramji Lal passed his Entrance Examination from Delhi, and took his degree of LSMF from Medical College, Lahore.

In 1892 he started his career as a government medical practitioner, and was posted at Hisar in the same year.

He lived there either as a government or private doctor, till the last day of his life 12 March, 1943.

Stint in Hisar

As a doctor, Ramji Lal had served the people of Hisar for half a century. He was ever ready to visit any village to see his patients while travelling by bullock-cart, camel, cycle or even on foot. He was popular not only among the villagers or the townmen, but also the VIPs of the district, Indians as well as Europeans.

Ramji Lal was not only an ideal doctor, but a great social worker too. He had boundless sympathies with the orphans.

He often made whirlwind tours of the districts of Hisar, Rohtak and Karnal collecting huge quantity of grain and substantial amount of funds for the orphanage.

Role in Education

Ramji Lal also devoted himself to the cause of spreading education among the people of his region. He was one of the founder-members of the Jat-Anglo-Sanskrit High School, Rohtak which came into being in April 1913.

He had also been closely associated with the Chandulal Anglo Vedic (CAV) High School of Hisar since its inception i.e. 1 April, 1918.

Ramji Lal’s contribution in establishing the Jat High School, Sangharia, Rajasthan is also commendable. His name is also connected with the Jat High School, Hisar since its inception i.e. 1926.

Friendship with Lal Lajpat Rai

Though Ramji Lal was not a political figure, yet hii relations with the Punjab Kesari Lala Lajpat Rai were very thick and close. These relations started in 1881 when Ramji Lal joined a school at Rohtak where Munshi Radha Krishan, the father of Lajpat Rai, was working as a Persian teacher.

In 1909, a daughter of Ramji Lal, Chandra Mukhi, seriously fell ill. To see her, Lajpat Rai visited Ramji Lal’s house twice. On the death of his friend Lala Lajpat Rai, Ramji Lal had recorded a tribute in his personal diary on 18 November 1928.

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He wrote “Babu Lajpat Rai, the patriot of India, is no more. He was my friend and his father, Munshi Radha Krishan, with my preceptor. I knew Babu Lajpat Rai since 1881. He was really a good soul. I have lost a hand in him”.

Arya Samajist

Like his friends, Ramji Lal was also a great Arya Samajist. He joined the Arya Samaj as early as in 1883. He started taking an active part in the Hisar Arya Samaj since arrival of Hisar in 1892. Keeping his services in view, he was first appointed a member of its Antriq Sabha (Executive Committee) and then President. The credit for founding the Hisar Young Arya Samaj, which came into being on 26 June 1905, goes to him. Because of his untiring efforts made by Ramji Lal and his associates, numerous branches of the Arya Samaj were opened at Narwana, Narnaund, Sanghi, Rewari, Rajanpur and other places. Because of his Samajik activities, he could never be in the good books of the British authorities.


Ramji Lal had been a great source of inspiration for the younger generation. The youngmen of the day like Sir Chhotu Ram, Pandit Nanak Chand, Chahju Ram (Sanghi) and Ch. Suraj Mal owed their gratefulness to Ramji Lal who had always helped them in becoming the public-spirited figures. Speaking on the eve of Ramji Lal’s death at Ludas village, Ch. Chhotu Ram rightly remarked: “Today, I have been deprived of my old grandman whom I have always regarded my forerunner”.

Disclaimer: The content has been extracted from ‘The DIARIES of DR RAMJI LAL HOODA”.

Special Thanks to Dr. Satish Tyagi for the book arrangement.

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