Suicide victims of agrarian crisis will share their stories at Tikri

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People will rest after getting all five anti-people laws repealed: Ugrahan

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New Delhi: Bhartiya Kisan Union (Ekta-Ugrahan) made special arrangements for the accommodation of large gathering of women belonging to the families of suicide victims for the morcha on 16 December at Tikri Border. The people of Haryana are contributing massively to these arrangements. Sukhvir Muthra, leader of an organization associated with Arya Samaj and Rajesh Kumar Rohtak, leader of another organization met union’s president Joginder Singh Ugrahan and offered to provide a large hall for the accommodation of these women. Apart from providing overnight accommodation, he also assured them of food, hot water and security responsibilities.

Addressing the gathering today, Ugrahan was massively applauded by the people of Haryana when he shared the offer of accommodation for the women arriving in the front. Ugrahan said that the greatest achievement of the present struggle was that it has broken down the barriers of regions, states, languages, castes and religions and made the exemplary unity of the entire workers a reality. He said that BJP government is champion of divisive politics and it has used its nefarious designs to create communal and caste divisions in the country but so far they have been thwarted by the people with great unity and understanding. He added that there is further need for people to defeat BJP’s divisive politics more boldly and intelligently. He hoped that the farmers, workers, youth, women, urban and other business people of the country would rest only after defeating the false and corrupt schemes of the government and getting the five anti-people laws repealed.
Harinder Kaur Bindu and Paramjit Kaur Pitho, leaders of the women’s wing of the union, said that due to the anti-agricultural and anti-people policies implemented by the governments of the country many farmers and farm workers committed suicides. The families of those farmers and farm workers who committed suicide due to deepening of the agricultural crisis would reach in large numbers and recount their pain. They said that the wives of the farmers who lost their lives due to wrong policies of government, will narrate the stories of their desolate lives in front of the rulers and people of the country. Leaders like Amrik Singh Gandhuan, Jaswant Singh Tolewal addressed the gathering. They said that as the Modi government is hanging on to this issue, the anger and mobilization of the people is also on the rise. They said that the massive demonstrations that took place across the country yesterday is already a witness to further intensification of this struggle in the days to come.
The team of eminent theatre artist Kirti Kirpal staged play on the stage. The play underlined the role of unity to the people by artistically presenting the farmer’s and people’s playful attitude towards the agricultural laws passed by the Modi government. Punjabi singer Balkar Ankhila also graced the occasion.


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