‘Stay Awake- Stay Focused’: Hooda

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Baroda has a historic responsibility of overthrowing anti-people & dictatorial government- Hooda

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On the last day of campaigning for the Baroda by-polls, former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Bhupinder Singh Hooda held a road show in several villages of Baroda and asked for votes for Congress candidate Induraj Narwal. He called on workers to stay awake and stay focused to stop any malpractices in the last 48 hours of the polls.

“Till the last vote is polled on the 3rd November, all the workers have to stay awake and stay focused and fully alert. The real election will start after the end of the campaign. Our workers have to ensure that no person can do anything immoral during this period. When people go out to vote on Tuesday, they should only focus on the issues before them and no other consideration should cloud their judgement,” he said.

Hooda said the current government has not done any section of the society in the last six years and hence every section of the society wants to get rid of this government. “Today, farmers are troubled by three new laws, women are hit by inflation and rising prices, small traders by GST, youth by unemployment and workers by governmental neglect. Throughout the election, BJP-JJP have been running away from talking about the issues of common people. They have no achievements to show for their six years in government and no plans to share for the future,” he said.
On the last day of the campaign, the former Chief Minister kept his focus on issues related to the farmers and continued his attack on the government, accusing it of pushing farmers into acute financial distress. “Instead of increasing the income of the farmers as they had promised, they have only increased the input costs,” he said, talking about the government is trying to remove whatever protections were provided to the farmers by the previous Congress governments.

Attacking the government on rising prices, Hooda said the middle class have been hit the hardest as the kitchen budgets of the housewives is going down and the common man’s plate has lost not only vegetables, but also chillies, onions and chutney. “The income of the people is continuously decreasing, and expenses are sky-rocketing due to inflation. The policy of the government is providing bumper benefits to a few capitalists rather than the common man. That is why the public has made up its mind to push this government out of power,” he said.
Hooda said that there is only one attempt by the ruling coalition and all the opposing parties to somehow stop him, while his focus has always been on taking Haryana forward. “I ran the state for 10 years, and with the support of the hardworking people of the state, we were able to make Haryana the number one state in per capita income, per capita investment, prosperity and development,” he said.
“We have to come together once again to reclaim our state and make Haryana the most prosperous state in the entire country. Let us be a model state which everyone will follow. The people of Baroda have to make the start with this by-election. History has given the people of Baroda, the responsibility of start the process of overthrowing the anti-people and dictatorial government,” Hooda said.


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