Sports School Rai: Glorious Past, Gloomy Future

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The institute also came up to the expectation of the government and it became a storehouse of the Indian Defense force as almost ten to fifteen students of a batch used to join as officers in the Indian Army or Air Force.

Deepak Kaushik (

Former Chief Minister Bansi Lal and the able administrator knew the importance of education for the rural kids, as he himself faced the lack of infrastructure and resources when he did matriculation and intermediate from his maternal uncle’s village.

During his stint as CM, Bansi Lal gave big importance to the educational institutes vis a vis the Infrastructure.

So in the series of establishing and liberally funding the universities he dreamt of establishing a Public School on the lines of highly reputed, prestigious schools such as Doon, Mayo, RIMC, Modern School which were basically for the high class society kids or for the British bureaucrats who were serving in India in the colonial period.

Motilal Nehru Sports School (MNSS), Rai was established in the year 1973 in the second term of the Bansi Lal.

He asked the officers to model it on the lines of a co-educational, residential school with excellent education facilities with more emphasis on sports.

So 300 acre of agricultural land of the Rai and Assawarpur village was acquired and an institution with sprawling play fields, Olympic size swimming pool and academic infrastructure with modern labs was established.

In the early days admitting one’s ward in the school was equivalent to getting one selected as a HCS officer in Haryana.

There was a saying that once a child gets admission he graduates with very good future prospects and those kinds of facilities were hardly available anywhere else in India.

International coaches and faculty from as far as Bengal, Kerala, Rajasthan were once part of the prestigious institute.

The institute also came up to the expectation of the government and it became a storehouse of the Indian Defense force as almost ten to fifteen students of a batch used to join as officers in the Indian Army or Air Force.

It produced many international players who represented Haryana and India at the national and international level.

In 1982 the institute was visited by then PM late Indira Gandhi as it was made a substitute   for the Asian Games.

School produced Bollywood stars such as Randeep Hooda and Meghna Malik who made this government institute famous on the silver screen.

Infrastructure and Home finance giant Indiabulls was set up by one the school’s alumni Sameer Gehlaut, and media house Viacom 18 was headed by another alumnus Sudhanshu Vats who is now the MD & CEO of Essel Propack.

School has a say in the higher bureaucracy too as NABARD was headed by Harsh Bhanwala and DGP of Himachal Police Sanjay Kundu both were part of this institute.

Alumni of school did wonders in the Armed forces at all the levels as Lt. Ravinder Chhikara was decorated with Kirti Chakra in the Kargil war and made supreme sacrifice for the nation.

Many Raists are commanding the Army units.

Raist are serving the nation in different fields such as IAS, IPS, Doctors, Professors in the Universities, Political leaders, Writers, authors, Journalists and all other fields or departments.

There is always the role of individuals who nurture the institutes through all thick and thin times.

Generally it is a tradition that an Ex Defense personnel is appointed as Principal & Director, popularly known as P&D in the school.

One person whose success stories and the hard work he put in for the institute was Ex teacher and Principal Mr. YP Bhardwaj.

He was at the helm for 10 years here in MNSS,Rai.

Principal and Director of the school is directly appointed by the Government of Haryana and it has great political say in the appointment.

Another person who enjoyed the longest tenure was Captain VK Verma (Retd IN).

He was a statesman at par.

Earlier he has been the principal at Sainik School Kunjpura and at Nagrota too.

He was appointed by the erstwhile Chautala government in the year 2003 but Captain Verma enjoyed the full ten year term during the Chief Minister BS Hooda too.

He remained P&D for two years even under Manohar Lal’s first term of BJP Government.

During his tenure school got an infrastructural boost as many projects such as Hockey astro turf costing 5 crore, Multipurpose hall costing 8 crore, New grounds, Hostels, Shooting Range were built up.

During his stint as Chief Minister Bhupinder Hooda also took keen interest in the developmental works and the recruitment of the coaching and academic staff.

Dark Times

But the dark times of the institute started after a farewell to Captain VK Verma by the Manohar Lal government in the year 2015.

After that school was without a leader for around a year.

In the meantime it came in news for not so good reasons like fights among students of different classes, negative results in the NDA exams, degrading sports and academics results of the school.

Then sports minister Mr. Anil Vij visited it once. That visit resulted in some serious consideration of the institute by the government but a flip-flop by the government whether to convert school into a sports university made all progress come at a standstill.

The Haryana government has passed an Act to make it a university without affecting the existing school but that remains in the pipeline due to the central government’s unwillingness.

In the meantime Colonel Raj Singh Bishnoi from Rajasthan was appointed P&D.

As things were started settling Colonel Raj Singh resigned and was appointed Executive Director of Sports Authority of India in Patiala.

In the absence of a permanent P&D in the institute it remains at the mercy of the Deputy Commissioner of the Sonipat District who heads the institute.

Deputy Commissioner is already a position which is preoccupied with all the executive tasks of the district.

So IAS Rajiv Ratan, Vinay Singh, Anshaj Singh were the officiating Principal in the past and now Mr. Shyam Lal Punia who is DC Sonipat has been holding charge now.

Institute which has been nurtured by the sweat and blood of the generations is now suffering because of the lack of attention of the incumbent government.

Either government has been contemplating setting up a sports university or it’s just negligence on part of the government that a institute of such repute is not being taken care of.

Alumni Association

Alumni Association of the school has also requested the government many times to look into the affairs seriously but no concrete action is taken till date.

If the prestigious school is not given its due attention then it may become a thing of the glorious past whose achievements would come to the use of hanging on the wall.


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11 thoughts on “Sports School Rai: Glorious Past, Gloomy Future

  1. The motive behind not putting an abled administrator maybe to convert it to a sports university. Why cannot they make a new one. Why let a dream rot away like this. All the efforts of previous people in govt, admin, faculty, coaches, lower staff , gardeners etc will go wasted. What a bad example is being set. That you put heart and soul, sweat in making something and people in power, in these times of economic growth of the country let a prestigious institution go downhill. PAINFULL

  2. Very well written article telling about the past glory and current problems of the only sports school in Haryana. Haryana the best performer in sports beyond any doubt, the young upcoming players are looking for an institution where the can nurture their sports skills and continue their education also. So Rai sports could be perfect platform for them provided our state govt. And our Hon’rable sports
    Minister should come forward with well planned policy to improve the administration and management of the sports school to help regain its past glory .

  3. It’s very important to run an institution with strict rules and regulations for glorious future of students for which a strict administrator is required…. Someone like Mr. VK Verma is required although I have been suspended by him twice for no reason….

  4. It was one of the best school not only in india but the whole world wide.
    It had unique curriculum for development of children. It made students physically mentally, emotionally and spiritually fit individuals.
    I only hope this Govt. Public School is revived to its best glory days again.

  5. मुझे लगता है कि इस स्कूल से पढ़कर जाने वाले विद्यार्थी ही इसके बारे में सोचते हैं । सरकार कब सोचेगी ? क्या सरकार की ये जिम्मेदारी बिल्कुल भी नहीं है कि विधार्थियो के भविष्य के बारे में सोचे ?
    ये प्रश्न तो सरकार के लिए होना चाहिए और ये चिंता भी । पर अफसोस …… सरकार एक बेहतरीन संस्था को स्थापित करने की अपेक्षा उसको ध्वस्त करने के बारे में विचाराधीन है ।

    ये समय भी मुश्किल है और ये दौर भी जब विधार्थियो के भविष्य के बारे में नहीं बल्कि सरकार सिर्फ अपनी रणनीतियों के विषय में सोच रही है ।

    आज एक बेहतरीन संस्था के सामने समय से जूझने की स्थिति है ।

  6. Very well articulated and compendious article .Institution was started with a clear vision of imparting quality education and building versatile personality of rural folks of Haryana, for whom the facilities provided in the school were beyond imagination .The great visionary leader turned his vision into reality .l’m sure if the institution is headed by an educationist and not by bureaucrats ,it can regain its glory and can prove critics are loud but success is louder.

  7. Rightly brought out the current gloomy issues. This institution has given opportunities to many under privileged childern from weak financial background.
    It is a almamater of many stalwarts in various fields( as we know examples are countless). Haryana govt should look into this issue and a permanent strong administrator should be appointed as permanent P&D of the school for a bright future.
    The status and autonomy of school should be maintained.

  8. My heartfelt salutations to Ravinder Chhikara who made extreme sacrifice for our मातृभूमि
    . Pathetic to know the current events on the campus and apathy of the government. I fail to understand the basis of neglect by the government towards an educational institution which in our days competed with the best of Premier Residential Schools in our country and was better in many fields than many of them.
    May the good sense prevail on the part of the present government. The restoration of the quality of MNSS will nurse the children of our country to bloom into Global Leaders in every sphere of society.

  9. have such lovely memories of growing up together at a prestigious institution .is was a model school with best of teachers and infrastructure par excellence .still sends shivers down the spine visiting our ALMA MATER with friends. studying there really shaped our future, hope it retains its glory and keeps up the standards as were in the past

  10. Proud of my Alma mater but sad to learn about the pathetic state of affairs due to non-appoitment of a permanent P&D.

    Govt of Haryana needs to wake up early to save this great Institution which has produced eminent administrators, defence officers, artists etc out of children specially from rural background.

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