‘When Bansi Lal left Devi Lal stranded on Highway’

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Bansi Lal was part of the famous Lal trio of Haryana which also include Tau Devi Lal and Bhajan Lal that form the major Political families of Haryana.

Team Haryana First

Showing his indebtedness to the senior politician, Ch. Bansi Lal in his early days as Chief Minister, made Ch. Devi Lal Chairman of the Haryana State Khadi Board.

Once while the two were travelling from Chandigarh to Delhi, Ch. Devi Lal tried to impose some suggestion of his on the new Chief Minister who temperamentally had a strong aversion to any imposition, even of a suggestion.

When Ch. Devi Lal kept insisting that the Chief Minister must take his advice, Ch. Bansi Lal, in his inimitable style, asked the driver to stop and showed his senior the door, dropping him on the road side.

As things go in Haryana, the incident soon became a street talk, finally settlign in the folk memory as a legend about the strong man of Haryana, Ch. Bansi Lal.

A man gifted with the ability to play, if expedient, the role of a court jester, Ch. Sultan Singh, who at that time was the President of Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee made a convenient use of the incident to humour the master by tickling his vanity. This second incident is all the more interesting.

Once while Ch. Sultan Singh was travelling with the Chief Minister from Chandigarh to Delhi, the latter asked him for his opinion when the car got close to a shady tree. When the Chief Minister asked, how is a tree important in the expression of an opinion, Ch. Sultan Singh’s reply was that in case he was dropped on the roadside, he could at least escape the scorching sun by resorting to the shelter of the tree.

The joke had its desired effect. The vanity of Ch. Bansi Lal was tickled and he left immensely satisfied with the company of his entertainer. In fact, it was precisely for this very purpose that Ch. Bansi Lal would generally desire the company of Ch. Sultan Singh on his frequent journeys by road from Chandigarh to Delhi. It made his journeyes entertaining, free from stress and bordeom.

Bansi Lal Legha was born on August 26, 1927 and died on 28 March 2006. He was considered by many as the architect of modern Haryana while some see him an intolerant administrator.

Bansi Lal was part of the famous Lal trio of Haryana which also include Tau Devi Lal and Bhajan Lal that form the major Politicial families of Haryana.

He served three separate terms as Chief Ministers. He also served as Defence Minister from 1975 to 1977. He also held the Railways and Transport portfolios.

Note: The story is extracted from the ‘Power Politics in Haryana, A view from the Bridge’ by Bhim S Dahiya.

Congress senior leader and former Minister Kiran Choudhry and her daughter
former MP Shruti Choudhry with their supporters.

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