Ram Rahim ‘discreetly’ given 1 day ‘parole’ by BJP Govt

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As per the information, confirmed by highly placed sources, Dera chief, who is confined in Rohtak’s Sunaria jail following his conviction in rape and murder cases, was granted parole to meet his ailing mother, Naseeb Kaur.

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At a time when the entire focus in the state was on the Baroda by-election last month, the Manohar Lal Khattar led BJP-JJP government had ‘secretly’ granted one day parole to controversial head of Sirsa based Dera Sacha Sauda, Gurmeet Ram Rahim on October 24.

As per the information, confirmed by highly placed sources, Dera chief, who is confined in Rohtak’s Sunaria jail following his conviction in rape and murder cases, was granted parole to meet his ailing mother, Naseeb Kaur.

During this period, he was transported in heavy security by the state police from Sunaria jail to Gurgaon where he stayed from morning to evening with his ailing mother admitted in a private hospital. Source added that the entire floor, where his mother was staying, was vacated for security reasons on that day.

“We had received a request from the jail superintendent, Sunaria seeking security for Ram Rahim’s visit to Gurgaon. We had provided the security during his transportation from sunrise to sunset on October 24. Everything remained peaceful,” SP Rohtak, Rahul Sharma confirmed.

However, the officials of jail and other agencies refused to divulge any detail about this.  

Sources added that the entire exercise, apparently carried on instruction from BJP top brass at the centre and CM office in Haryana, was carried with close coordination and synergy between Rohtak and Gurgaon administration.

The entire ‘operation’ was carried in such a clandestine manner that only CM and few senior officials of the state government and the district administration of Rohtak and Gurgaon, who were kept in loop, had the information about this.

Dera chief, who is behind bars since August 2017, had been trying for a long time citing various reasons but he has failed to find any favourable decision from the authorities and even the high court. So far, he has sought his release on parole for farming, to attend the wedding of his foster daughter and to meet his ailing mother. Earlier in August 2019, Dera Chief’s wife, Harjit Kaur had also approached the Punjab and Haryana high court to grant parole to her husband so that he can attend his mother. However, the petition was withdrawn after she failed to get any relief. Even the CBI, which was the prosecution agency in his case, had also recorded strong objections on granting him parole.

Dera chief is presently lodged in Sunaria jail in Rohtak district after his conviction in rape and murder cases. On August 25, 2017, special CBI court Panchkula had convicted him for rape of Sadhvis (female disciples) and sentenced him two terms of 20-years imprisonment. On January 17, 2019, the CBI court had sentenced him life imprisonment for the 2002 murder of Sirsa-based journalist Ram Chander Chhatarpati. He is facing trial in two more cases, which includes murder case of former dera manager Ranjit Singh and castration of his followers inside the dera. Around 40 persons had lost their lives in August 2017 after the violence took place in Panchkula and other parts of Haryana and Punjab after his conviction.

A strong ground for release in future

According to the legal experts and the senior IPS officers by granting parole to such accused, who had created law and order problems in several states at the time of his conviction leading to death of around 40 persons, in such a manner, the state authorities have created a permanent ground for him for release on parole for future. According to them, dera chief’s case also seems to be a favour by the ruling BJP that had formed government in Haryana at its own in 2014 by open support from the dera. Sources also confirmed that by extending such ‘favour’ to the accused, the saffron party, which is losing ground in the state of Punjab, may get some support from the dera followers in neighbouring state that have significant following.

Earlier pleas for parole declined

Apr 2019 | Dera chief had withdrawn his plea for release to attend Guransh’s marriage after the CBI had strongly objected to his release on parole.

May 2019 |The Punjab and Haryana high court had dismissed a petition seeking parole for the dera chief observing, “Considering serious allegations against Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and law and order problem which is likely to be created, in case he is released on parole and difficulty of the state government in re-arresting him”. The order was passed by the HC while dismissing the petition filed by Guransh Insan, who claimed herself to be foster daughter of dera chief. She had prayed for release of dera chief on parole for four weeks to enable him to attend her marriage.

Jun 2019 | He had applied for a 42-day parole for farming in his fields in Sirsa. Later, he withdrew the application.

Apr 2020 | State authorities dismissed his plea for parole to meet his ailing mother. His plea was rejected on the basis of inputs from the Sirsa police, especially for apprehension of breach of peace.

No legal hurdle in granting parole

As the controversial preacher is behind bars for more than three years, he is fully eligible for release on parole and legally there is no bar on his release on parole. He also does not fall within the category of ‘Hard-core criminal’ who are barred from granting parole. As per The Haryana Good Conduct Prisoners (Temporary Release) Act, 1988, a person who has been convicted for dacoity, robbery, kidnapping for ransom, murder with rape, rape with a woman below sixteen years age, gang-rape, serial killing, contract killing, waging war against nation or sedition falls under the category of hard-core criminal. The state, however, can deny parole in case of his release is likely to endanger the security of the state or public order.

Courtesy: The Times of India.


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