Quota in government jobs will remain unchanged: Manohar Lal

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75 percent reservation is only for private sector: Manohar Lal

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Haryana Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal announced that there will be no change in the  rules and norms of reservation  fixed for Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes in government jobs and hence the already existing rules will remain the same.

The Chief Minister made this announcement during the budget session of the Haryana Vidhan Sabha. Manohar Lal was speaking after discussion on the Governor’s address during the ongoing budget session.

Manohar Lal said that the benefit of 75 percent reservation which is given in the private sector will not be applicable in the government sector as this provision is only for the private sector.

The Chief Minister while expressing gratitude to the opposition for taking into account important issues during the discussion on the Governor’s address said that in the last year during the COVID times, everyone had faced an unexpected crisis and everyone has supported to face this challenge.

          During the tough times of COVID-19 Rs. 645 crore was provided to 16 lakh families. Under Distress Ration Scheme, 4.86 lakh families were provided three months free ration. Additionally, the state government, with the help of 100 trains and 6,500 buses, brought about 4,44,000 migrant labourers and workers back to their home states. The industries which were shut down during the COVID-19 period were gradually brought back on track.

Chief Minister became emotional on the issue of women empowerment

          While becoming emotional on disrespect shown by Congress leaders for their women MLAs on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Chief Minister made the House aware that on one hand the entire world and country was celebrating Women’s day, but unfortunately Leader of the Opposition Sh. Bhupinder Singh Hooda and MLA, Sh. Raghuvir Singh Kadian insulted the senior and respected women members of their own party.

          “With heavy heart, I want to make the House aware that Sh.  Hooda and Sh. Raghuvir Singh Kadian were proudly sitting on the tractor which was being pulled by women MLAs of Congress. If the Congress wanted to protest just to achieve their vested political interests, then it was better that the women MLAs , Smt. Geeta Bhukkal and  Smt. Shakuntla Khatak should have sat on the tractor and the male MLAs should have pulled it,” said the Chief Minister.    

          The Chief Minister said that the entire opposition should be ashamed for this shameful act which happened on the occasion of International Women’s Day.


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