No-Confidence Motion fails floor test in Haryana

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 A total of 32 votes were in favour of the motion, while 55 votes were against the motion.

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The No Confidence Motion proposed by the Congress against the BJP-JJP government collapsed by 23 votes today. A total of 32 votes were in favour of the motion, while 55 votes were against the motion.

          Prior to the voting, Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal while replying to the proposed No Confidence Motion in the Haryana Vidhan Sabha said that the Opposition has no substantial grounds other than relying on political gimmicks. In the name of farmer protest, the Opposition is trying to mislead the farmers continuously.

          The Chief Minister while addressing the House said that instead of igniting the protest, an initiative should be taken to end it. He said that it is an old tradition of the Congress party to introduce the No Confidence Motion. Elaborating on it, he said that whenever the Opposition does not like anything they tend to introduce No Confidence Motion. The Chief Minister further said that the reason for the consistent success of the present government is because proposing of the No Confidence Motion by the Opposition actually helps to cement a concrete bond of the Government with the public. He said that the Opposition is continuously making efforts to raise doubts on public-friendly policies introduced by the Central and State Governments.

          He elaborated that the Opposition started the chain of mistrust initially by raising doubts on the authenticity of the EVMs while approaching elections. They had also raised doubts on the surgical strikes conducted in Pakistan thereby lowering the morale of the defence forces.

          He said that the arrogance of the Congress is reflected from their behaviour as they believe that government can be formed or collapsed at their will. While taking a jibe at the Opposition in a poetic way he quoted, ‘Aag lagane walo ko nahi hai khabar, Rukh hawa ka badala toh khak vo bhi ho jayenge’. While concluding he said that after the fall of the No Confidence Motion in the House questions will now be raised on the solidarity within the Opposition.


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