‘Medal Producing Land now Churning IAS/IPS’

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Haryanvis back to back success in academics besides giving stellar role in sports and other fields is a proof that the agrarian state does not produce sons/daughters but gold medals/IAS/IPS officers.

Deepak Kaushik (kaushikraist@gmail.com)

Pradeep Singh a Sonipat lad from Sonipat district topped the prestigious 2019 Union Public Service Commission and bagged the All India Rank 1st at the national level.

In the year 2018, Anu Kumari from the same district bagged AIR-2nd Rank without any availing coaching and delivered the result on the basis of her self study.

In the rural society one’s efforts in academics is not recognised till he or she gets installed on a good, reputed or the plum government job at the Central or the State Level Government.

High-packages of big MultiNational Companies or the Indian companies it doesn’t matter unless they have a clout like that of a Deputy Commissioner or Indian Police Service Officer.

If we go by the past trends there were only a few Officers in bureaucracy who were from the State itself and while there is a flood of new crop of youngsters who have joined the prestigious services recently.

The situation has changed on the ground in the last one decade when the aspirants from Haryana state have been bringing laurels to the state in academics also.

Popularly, Haryana is considered as the powerhouse of the power sports such as Wrestling, Boxing, Kabaddi in the past as state players had lifted trophies and shining medals from the national and international podium adding fame to the country’s reputation by extra notches.  

Haryanvis are known for their immense role in the Indian Army who are posted at the frontiers on the international border in the times of war like situation.

The Doklam issue is a reminder of how Chinese Army aggression was tamed by tall and heavy built Haryanvis donning the olive uniform of Indian Army during the tension.

But Haryanvis back to back success in academics besides giving stellar role in sports and other fields is a proof that the agrarian state does not produce sons/daughters but gold medals/IAS/IPS officers.

I am listing some of the key factors which are to be credited for the stellar role in academics by Haryanvis.

  1. After the year 2004-2005 there was a mushrooming of Universities or the colleges in the Delhi NCR or in the other hinterlands of Haryana. Each and every district of the state has a good college or university of repute.

Under the regime of Ex-CM Bhupinder singh Hooda many government or private universities were established in the state. The heavy investment done during the previous Congress government has been paying dividends.

  1. Proximity to the National capital which has all kinds of coaching institutes also helped the state as the Haryanvi students could make a smooth to and fro Journey from Delhi or even could choose to stay in Delhi during the weekdays. Coaching and guidance also makes a great effect in one’s preparation.
  2. Brotherhood or the sense of fraternity among the Haryana people also has a say in the results and the preparation. We are always ready to help our local brothers and sisters and always show a sense of belongingness. In the metro cities people have nuclear families and one will shy away from helping one’s neighbour or the relative but it is not so in our State.
  3. Shrinking landholdings and the fading out agriculture income also led to the diversion of Haryanvi people towards academics in the last long time.

Fragmented land holdings of one or two acre made the community run after good education for their children. And hence it made a difference in the long run. Though the Government is claiming to be doing a lot to double the farmer’s income but results of their policies are yet to show some concrete results on ground. Under such circumstances, a farmer is left with little choice to look for greener pasture beyond his green fields.

  1. Government policy of rewarding the students who are selected in the UPSC or Armed forces exams or the Civil Services was also a welcome step by the previous Congress Government. The culture of appreciating the successful aspirants was started in 2013 from Panchula.
  2. SSC Jobs in the B or C grades are mostly filled by the Haryanvi students these days as one may find a Custom Inspector even at a far-off port in Chennai or Kolkata. It shows that for a government job, the youth do not mind migrating to alien land for him where he finds stark differences in culture, language and food habits. There are a plethora of examples when such youths have sufficient time to devote to their preparation for UPSC and crack examination with flying colours after a serious hard of one or two years.
  3. The state proximity to the best Universities in Delhi also gives an edge to local population as youth from nearby districts come to study in Delhi colleges by commuting from their homes in rural areas of Haryana.
  4. And we Haryanavi people have it in our ethos to give back to the society we have living in. Students are becoming change agents nowadays and want to serve the nation and the state.

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