MBAian who shunned Shiny Job for Start-Up has Roaring Success

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Pradeep said that he wanted to do something which not only earn him name or fame but also boost the docile village youth morale to think beyond government job, very much in the lines of ambitious Self Reliant India campaign of central government.

K.S Mobein

An MBA in Marketing and Human Resource, Pradeep Sheoran voluntarily signed off grade ‘A’ post from a Multi National Company to seek his entrepreneurial passion, a couple of years back.

A salary in five figures on first day of the month could no longer lure this son of khapland of Haryana.

Pradeep Sheoran

A native of newly carved and lesser developed district Charki Dadri, Pradeep, 35, always wanted a good income base model to boost rural economy.

Having completed eight years in supply- chain management system, he finally resigned from the sales officer job for entrepreneurship.

Pradeep ventured in agriculture sector for his first startup, which is largely considered a non-profitable business affair.

Son of a farmer, Pradeep spent more than half of his life in the village, was well aware of messed up rural products’ distribution model.

Pradeep said that he wanted to do something which not only earn him name or fame but also boost the docile village youth morale to think beyond government job, very much in the lines of ambitious Self Reliant India campaign of central government.

“The issue with the village youth is that they seek a comfortable life, for which even after being graduate or post graduate they would meekly accept a post of peon in the government sector rather than invest in their own venture, however, their caliber is beyond that” said Pradeep.

“The lack of guidance too kills their passion as well as talent I was fortunate enough to pursue an MBA degree, which played a major role to go for an untraditional profession for this rural youth.’’

GroundWork Before Experiment

Pardeep, after gaining valuable experience, gave up his corporate job and studied market trends about six months. I had two things in mind, how corporatisation of rural products is done and link farmers to the end-users of mutual benefits, second employment generation for the rural youth.

The challenges were big and risky. He was in search of something with rural touch which too had urban utility, calm and confident Pradeep expressed. While somewhere in a college or university’s canteen having tea with friends he saw students’ craziness for soft drinks, the instant thought was if they are offered milk instead of carbonated water would they drink that too with the same delight. From that moment I had got the idea for my startup, subsequently, Bagri Milk Parlour came into existence.

“Wholesome milk is one of the greatest gifts of God to mankind with the most of vitamins, minerals and all three food components which are proteins, carbohydrates and fat, says Pradeep, unfortunately this boon of health is also most abused food of our diet.’’

Existing grassroots distribution model doesn’t have answers for milk stability, so all sorts of adulteration is done to inhibit bacterium growth.

Experiment with Kulhad

Pradeep, equipped with management skills and marketing experience, decided to vend milk by adding value to it. He was sure enough that even urban college youth would like to taste his unadulterated milk instead of unhealthy drinks if offered in a decorative manner. In initial days he served Indigenous cow’s milk and other processed products at various locations in Rohtak by using canopies, promotion tables and food tricycle trolleys.

At power house chowk and in front of Mansarovar Park main gate in Rohtak, Pradeep’s processed milk served in Kulhad (earthen cups) and with some Khand (raw unrefined natural sweetener) added to it soon became the talk of the students’ groups and health conscious people.

The Milkonomy venture started in the chilling winter of mid-December of 2018, within a period of less than one year achieved respectable name in the market. The love to his products encouraged him to make ‘Bagri Milk Parlour a brand; he decided to have a permanent commercial place from the roaming vendor.

Tandoori Tea and Pakodas are Hit

At the prime location on Delhi Road near Jat College, Rohtak, Pradeep, started afresh with brand new products Tandoori Chai (Tea) and Pakodas (fritters) that too hit the right taste buds of people. Bagri Milk Parlour has been emerging as a favourite place to have conversation over tea, pakodas, milk and Khir (rice boiled in milk with sweetener and nuts added to it). Everything was going smoothly for Pradeep before the pandemic hit the world.
The closure of about six months due to lockdown had shaken the success strings of Pradeep’s dream too. During the nationwide lockdown the big problem was to keep the brand and labour intact.

Blessing in Disguise

‘’My labourers too lived and celebrated success of my start-up. It was my responsibility to help them in hard times. We fortunately had got good watermelon crop in the season and got good amount for that, with which I could pay my workers’ salary, told Pradeep’’

The biggest challenge was the new beginning with the Unlock (opening of nationwide lockdown in phased manner), millions had already lost however, Pardeep kept his composure and bounced back with new vibes and ideas.

The ‘Bagri Milk Parlour’, now has turned into a full-fledged cafeteria where one can not only have tea, milk and pakodas but also traditional Indian sweets made of organic raw materials. From the taste of Kullhad’s tea and milk to the decoration, every nook and corner of the parlour would make oneself nostalgic of village’s past memories.

Pradeep’s Milkonomy is mixed up with agripreneurship, in coming days one would be able to get Rice, Besan (gram flour), mustered oil, different pulses, Desi ghee and other unadulterated agri-products from the parlour.

The best part his friends like him is of his passion for his start-up. He can be seen serving and picking cups of tea, pakodas with equal ease as he could be spotted sitting on the cash counter greeting the visitors.


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