‘Lowest deaths in Charkhi Dadri-COVID 19’

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Charkhi Dadri is the only district which had recorded only one death and that too of a patient without any comorbidities.

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Rohtak: Most of the deaths took place due to COVID-19 during pandemic was of patients who had comorbidities in the Jatland districts of the state as per the latest health report released by Director Health Services.

According to the data released on September 20, a total 1149 deaths have taken place in the state and of them 988 have occurred due to comorbidities. The remaining 161 deaths took place with patients without comorbidities.

In Bhiwani district, a total of 26 deaths have taken place due to deadly virus and of them only patients did not have any comorbidities, rest were all suffering from ailments. The recovery rate in this district is fairly encouraging at 82%.

Jhajjar district had witnessed 21 deaths so far and all were due to comorbidities. The recovery rate in Jhajjar is also good at 83.5%.

Similarly, Jind district had witnessed a total 14 deaths and 13 had comorbidities. The recovery rate in this district is 54.8%. In Rohtak, a total of 50 persons have died and 49 of them had health complications. Only 1 person died without any comorbidities. The recovery rate in this district is 77.5%.

The Delhi bordering district-Sonipat had witnessed a total 49 deaths and 24 of them had comorbidities, while rest died without any symptoms of ailments. Faridabad, another bordering district with national capital had witnessed the highest number of deaths in the state-205 and of them 167 had comorbidities. The recovery rate of this district is also highest in the state at 89%.

Charkhi Dadri is the only district which had recorded only one death and that too of a patient without any comorbidities.

According to the figures released by the state health department, 31% of the patients who died had multiple comorbidities. A whopping 12% of them had Diabetes Mellitus.

COVID-19 case in Haryana

The numbers have been increased to 111,257 on 20.09.2020.
~There is an increasing trend which is a serious matter. The govt. needs to be prepared for coming future for more serious situation.
~Out of
these cases, 88,697 have cured and 1149 deaths were reported till 20.09.2020.
~On date 20.09.2020, districts Gurugram (including 14 Italians), Faridabad, Sonipat, Ambala,
Panipat, Karnal, Panchkula (including 21 Foreign Returnee), Rohtak, Rewari, Hisar, Kurukshetra,
Yamunanagar, Sirsa, Mahendragarh and Bhiwani were sharing the major part of total COVID-19
cases in Haryana.
~Age wise, in (25-34 years group), there were maximum positive cases–22059.
~Gender wise -Female 31% and males66% ,transgender 12, 0%
~Total tests done in Haryana were 1681221.
~There were 318 patients on oxygen support and 60 patients on ventilator.
~Total critical patients were 378
~Total ICU beds are 2227
~ No of ventilators is 1068
~Total cases on home isolation were 70644
~Current active cases under home isolation are 14753.

Untraceable Covid-19 patients are a new challenge for Haryana

The people give a wrong address and when they come out to be positive, it is becoming difficult to trace them .
There was a mismatch of 1600 such patents in Faridabad district alone and Gurgaon too has a good number of such patients, confirmed an official.
~Several vegetable traders,other consumable traders , commission agents found positive for Covid-19in Jhajjar, Sonipat trace their travel history to Delhi.
~Delhi is the topmost city across the country responsible for the spread of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in neighbouring Haryana, particularly in the national capital region (NCR) districts of the state. This is also a serious issue .
~Despite Gurugram and Faridabad both recording a steady decline in the growth in number of new Covid-19 cases, it is Haryana’s northern and western districts that have started giving health officials a new cause for concern.

~As per state health department data, Yamunanagar saw the highest Covid-19 growth rate in the first two weeks of August with its total case load of infections increasing by 113%. ~Panchkula’s total burden of Covid-19 cases increased by 106% during the same time.
~Kurukshetra and Panipat’s total confirmed positives grew by 98 and 90%, respectively.
~Between August 1 and August 14, Yamunanagar has seen 300 new cases with the number of total cases standing at 565.
~Panchkula has recorded 564 new cases , with 1,096 total cases.
~For Kurukshetra, the numbers of new cases and total cases are 415 and 838 respectively.
~ And those for Panipat are 906 and 1,915 respectively.

Dr. R.S Dahiya, Ex-Professor, PGIMS Rohtak

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