Local body polls will decide the future of Haryana- Hooda

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Every section of the party upset with BJP-JJP government, people will teach BJP a lesson in civic elections- Hooda

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Rewari: Former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Bhupinder Singh Hooda has said that the ongoing civic elections in the state will decide the future political direction of the state, not just decide which party is given the responsibility of running civic bodies.
Hooda, who arrived in Rewari to campaign for party candidates in the Rewari Municipal Council elections, said the civic polls presented an opportunity to voters to teach the BJP-JJP government a lesson to the BJP government. “Just as the government has been constantly ignoring the common people, people too will also ignore the BJP in the elections. People shattered BJP’s arrogance in the Baroda by-elections, we will see a similar trend in the municipal elections,” he said.
“Every section of the society is upset with the current government. Farmers are not getting remunerative price for their crops, workers are not getting work, youth are not getting employment, employees are not getting allowances & pensions while small businessmen are struggling to keep their businesses afloat. Every section of the society wants to get rid of the existing government and wants to bring back a Congress government in the state. The process of change will begin with local body elections,” the Leader of Opposition said.
The former Chief Minister said farmers are agitating on border with Delhi for nearly a month but instead of addressing their problem, the government is ignoring one of the biggest farmer movements in the history of the country. He attacked the BJP’s track record on irrigation and said even existing canals filled up during BJP rule in the state.
“Instead of fulfilling its responsibility regarding SYL, BJP is only engaged in theatrics. The Hansi-Butana canal was built during the Congress government, but the BJP government did not take a single step to bring water in it. We built Dadupur Nalvi Canal but the BJP filled it up. The decision of the Supreme Court came in favor of Haryana four years ago but the state government did not take any action. The people of Haryana now understand both the policy and the intent of the BJP and this is why farmers, workers, traders and other segments will not fall for their tricks,” he added.
Hooda, who came to seek votes for Congress candidate Vikram Yadav, highlighted the developmental track record of the his government, said the Congress government had set new records for development in the area.
“People remember the work carried out under our government. New railway lines were laid in Rewari, hospitals, universities, mini secretariats were constructed. Not only this, hundreds of community centers, roads and parks were built. We also improved the basic civic infrastructure by laying water & sewerage lines and the youth of Rewari were given bumper jobs during the Congress government. People know the difference because the BJP government has done nothing for the people of the Rewari,” Hooda said.

Hooda said that the present government, besides failing to bringing any major project in Rewari, has also completely failed to solve local problems. “It seems that the government has nothing to do with the problems of the common people. It is important that the BJP should be taught a lesson in the civic elections and the Congress candidate should be elected,” he remarked.


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