On every 5000 population, a Govt hospital is must

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Availability of staff, equipment, infrastructure mandatory at health center

A Health center is the first contact for a common citizen to approach in case of any Health related issue. But do you know what all should be available at these centers?

Haryana First (HF) spoke to Dr. RS Dahiya, ex-senior professor, PGIMS Rohtak and he answer every question precisely.

HF: How much staff should be there in a sub health centre?

Dr. Dahiya: Staff requirement in a Haryana sub health centre

1. ANM/Health Worker (F): 2 (E)

2. Health Worker (M): 1

3. SN/ANM if is not available: 1

4. Safai Karamchari: 1(PT)

Total employees in a Sub Health Centre: 5

HF: On how much population a sub health centre should be there?

Dr. Dahiya: On 5000 population one sub health centre should be there.

HF: How many sub health centre are there in Haryana ?

Dr. Dahiya: 2650

HF: As per today population how many sub health centres should be there?

Dr. Dahiya. 3440 Sub Health centres should be there.

HF: Sub Health Centre should have its own building or not?

Dr. Dahiya: Yes it should have its own building.

HF: What are the responsibilities of a sub health centre to be performed?

Dr. Dahiya: The following functions are required at a sub health centre:

1. Maternal and Child health care.

2. Family planning and contraception.

3. Counseling and appropriate referral for safe abortion services (MTP) for those in need.

4. Adolescent health care .

5. Assistance to school health services.

6. Control of local endemic diseases such as malaria, kala ajar, dengue, etc.

7. Disease Surveillance.

8. Water quality monitoring

9. Promotion of sanitation including use of toilets and appropriate garbage disposal.

10. Field visits

11. Community needs assessment.

12. Curative Services

13. Training, Coordination and Monitoring

14. National Health Programmes like National Aids Control Programme

15. Record of vital events



Dr. Dahiya: The following infrastructure should be there.

1. Waiting room 

2. Labour room with one labour table and NBC , 

3. One room with 2-4 beds ,

4. One room for store 

5. One room for clinic/office 

6. Toilet facility in labour room, ward room 

7. Residential facility for one ANM  should be there.

8. Residential facility {2 staff (Essential) and 3 staff (Desirable)

HF:  WHAT equipment should be there  in a sub health centre ?

Dr. Dahiya. Equipment in a health center should be as follows:

1. Basin 825ml: 1 + 1 (D) 2. Basin deep (capacity 6 litre): One

3. Tray instrument/Dressing with cover: 1

4. Flashlight/Torch Box-type pre-focused:1 

5. Torch (ordinary):2  

6. Dressing Drum with cover 0.945 liters (ss): 1  

7. Hemoglobin meter – set Sahli type complete:1  

8. Weighing Scale, Adult: 125 kg/280  

9. Weighing Scale, Infant (10 Kg): 1  

10. Weighing Scale, (baby) hanging type, 5 kg:1  

11. Sterilizer: 1  

12. Surgical Scissors straight: 1  

13. Sphygmomanometer Aneroid 300 mm with cuff: 1+ 2(D)  

14. Kelly’s hemostat Forceps straight: 1  

15. Vulsellum Uterine Forceps curved: 1  

16. Cusco’s/Graves Speculum vaginal bi-valve medium: 1  

17. Sims retractor/depressor: 1  

18. Sims speculum vaginal double ended ISS Medium: 1

19. Uterine sound graduated: 1  

20. Cheatle’s forcep: 1  

21. Vaccine carrier: 2 

22. Ice pack box: 8 

23. Sponge holder: 2 + 2 (D) 

24. Plain Forceps: 5 

25. Tooth Forceps: 2  

26. Needle Holder: 2  

27. Suture needle straight: 10  

28. Suture needle curved: 10 

29. Kidney tray: Four

30. Artery Forceps, straight: 5 + 5 (D) 

31. Dressing Forceps (spring type): One  

32. Cord cutting Scissors, Blunt, curved on flat: One 

33. Clinical Thermometer oral and rectal: One

34. Talquist Hb scale: One 

35. Stethoscope: One

36. Foetoscope: One  

37. Hub cutter and Needle destroyer: One 

38. Ambu Bag (Pediatric size) with Baby mask: One  

39. Suction Machine: 1(D)  

40. Oxygen Administration Equipment: One 

41. Tracking bag and tickler box (Immunization): One (D) 

42. Measuring tape: One

43 I/V Stand:One

The Readers are requested to survey their area sub-health center and share a comparative analysis.


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