Hooda loyalist files nomination in Baroda bypoll

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Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Kumari Selja, Deepender Singh Hooda, Kiran Choudhary and all Congress MLAs present for the nomination.

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Congress candidate Induraj Narwal filed his nomination papers for the Baroda by-election with heavy public support and all fanfare. All senior party leaders and MLAs were present for the Narwal’s nomination.
All the Congress MLAs, former MLAs and senior leaders were present on the occasion including former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Party State President Kumari Selja, Rajya Sabha MP Deepender Singh Hooda, former Minister Kiran Chaudhary. Induraj Narwal thanked former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Deepender Hooda, Kumari Selja and the Congress leadership for the ticket and claimed that the Congress will win the seat by an overwhelming margin.
On this occasion, Bhupinder Singh Hooda said Congress has given ticket to a grassroots worker from a common farmer family on the demand of the people of Baroda. Hooda said people of the constituency were demanding ticket for a local candidate this time.

“During the last election itself, in the presence of late Shri Krishna Hooda, who was like an elder brother, I had promised the public to give ticket to the local candidate in the upcoming election. Unfortunately, the by-election is being held in Baroda due to the death of Shri Krishna Hooda and hence we are honouring his promise to the people of the area,” he said.

The Leader of Opposition said this is not just an election to make an MLA but a fight for the honor of Baroda and the future of Haryana. “Congress stands with common man, the farmer and the workers in this fight against the BJP-JJP government which is consumed by the arrogance of power. When Induraj Narwal, the son of a peasant family from Baroda, reaches the assembly by defeating BJP and its dummy candidates, the a big message will to the entire state of Haryana,” he added.
Rajya Sabha MP Deepender Singh Hooda, who also stood with Narwal as he filed his nomination, launched an attack against the BJP government. He said everyone in democracy and party has the right to ask for tickets, but only one person can get the party nomination. “Workers who could not get the ticket will always be respected and valued in the Congress family. Now everyone should unite and work for the victory of the party,” he said.
“Let everyone assume that Deepender Hooda, not Induraj, is a candidate for Baroda. All leaders and workers should consider themselves as Deepender Hooda and work hard to ensure victory in the election. Bhupinder Singh Hooda has given ticket to a worker belonging to a poor family who has always stood shoulder to shoulder with us in the fight for farmers and workers,” he added.

“This election is now the election of the people of Baroda. This fight is not only against the ruling coalition, but also against the dummy candidates who have entered the electoral fray with the intention of benefiting the government by dividing the anti-government vote bank. The people of Baroda will avenge the 6-year neglect by defeating the government and its fake candidates. The public will elect a true son of the soil and send bring the arrogance of the BJP to the ground,” he commented.

Deepender added that the result of Baroda will resonate as far as Chandigarh and the countdown of the coalition government will begin with the victory of Induraj Narwal. “The roots of this coalition government have already become hollow and MLAs of the ruling party themselves are protesting and making statements against it. After the victory of Congress from Baroda, this rebellion within the government will intensify and this government will automatically fall under the burden of its failures. In the coming years, Haryana will have a government of common people and the people of Baroda,” he said.

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