‘Small Towns stories waiting to be Told’, says Yogesh Vats

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“If an audience loves the concept of a movie, he loves it irrespective of the age, caste, religion of the Maker. Content is the king”, Yogesh Vats says.

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Back in the early 1990s, a small town like Rewari, where he was born and brought up, didn’t have many cinema Halls.

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But, Doordarshan would telecast a Bollywood film every Friday, which Yogesh Vats, now 26, looked forward to.

And herein developed his interest in films and filmmaking.

After completing his school, Vats studied film direction at the State Institute of Film and Television, Rohtak, and then moved to Mumbai, in 2015.

Those who want to enter cinema must first arm themselves with the relevant knowledge, says Vats.

Like earning a degree in filmmaking as he did.

“At the film schools, we are shown thousands of films, each one is a learning experience. A student is made aware of the cinema of almost every country. Cinema is not just entertainment, it is a very powerful language of change,” adds Vats.

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Vats is still the only direction student from State Institute of Film & Television, Rohtak,who made his Bollywood debut.

The release of his debut directorial venture, Hawayein, a Hindi travel fiction, got postponed due to corona pandemic.

But that didn’t ebb his enthusiasm.

Throughout the lockdown, Vats prepared for his next project, a web series Gadera (Gadera means rainwater pond in the local dialect in hills), now being shot in Kumaon and Garhwal regions.

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 “The idea of this web series hit me while I was shooting for Hawayein. So many stories in remote areas are waiting to be told. We need to talk more about the culture and history of the Himalayan region,” he says, adding that writing during the lockdown period was enjoyable.

“It is heartening to see Mother Nature revive herself without human interference, though what happened with the migrant workers was very sad,” he says.

Gadera is set for an OTT release, he says, adding that its stories revolve around invasion of the region, first by Gurkhas and then British.

It is a period suspense thriller, and perhaps the first Bollywood series on the ancient events of Uttarakhand.”
Vats believes that the advent of OTT platforms has bode well for everyone — audiences, filmmakers, actors, etc

“It has also given rise to a healthy competition in the entertainment industry. Young filmmakers now have an excellent opportunity to capture the folk tales and stories of the cinema confined to the remote villages and towns,” he says.

Speaking about nepotism in cinema, he observes that nepotism exists across all industries.

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“Everyone wants to provide an easy career path to their family members. Don’t politicians favour their own people. Nevertheless, there are many men who have made it big in politics without any heavy surname,” he says, “similarly, talent counts. Art is not anyone’s property.”

On future projects, Yogesh says that as of now background work is being done on various projects but nothing big has materialised as of now.

Talking to Haryana First, Yogesh says that the job of director is the most critical one; he has to have the knowledge of everything and even the minor details matter. On the challenges of being a new director in the Bollywood industry, he adds that for an audience the content display matters; he does not see the age of the director.

“If an audience loves the concept of a movie, he loves it irrespective of who made it irrespective of his/her age, caste, religion. Content is the king”, he added.

“Before directing the movie on any subject, a director has to work laboriously on it. He has to recreate everything in his mind before it is set in motion for recording”, he adds.

Comparing his friend’s occupation with his own, he says that his work may involve bigger efforts to prove the mettle but he loves his work and there is no monotony in it.

“I can not say the same things about all of my school friends who may be having privileges at their disposal but have nothing to learn and  grow”, he sums up.

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  1. Yogesh is talented guy and has huge potential to go forward. Wish him grand success in the years to come.

    1. Thank you so much Satish Sir, your words means a lot to me.aa have your blessings.. will make every effort to make good cinema.😊

  2. Its always a moment of proud of seeing our Haryanvi guys making career in some unconventional professions which is being considered a risky matter by people in Haryana. We simply try to be get a government job and satisfy ourselves. But now kids are getting into higher research, IIT, IIMs, Film Industry and all other aspiring professions.

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