Farmers Agitation: Youths take bike rally to mobilize support

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Rohtak: The youths of several villages in the district on Friday took out a bike rally through village lanes to muster support for the ongoing farmers agitation in Haryana-Delhi border. The bike rally kicked off from Chamaria village and then it passed on to several villages where youths mounted on motorcycles with ‘BKU’-flags installed on their bikes carried marches. The youths also raised slogans in support of farmers’ unity with loud music blaring Punjabi numbers to arouse the interest of residents of villages who witnessed their bike rally.

Advocate Guru Parshad, who was leading the bike rally, told media that the villages of Rohtak district have been dispatching food material to the Singhu and Tikri borders for the last one month ever since it started. “Now, the purpose of this bike rally is to put across the farmers’ demand to repeal three laws till the last man living in the villages”, he added.

Ajay Hooda, another youth participating in the bike rally, said that they are spreading the message that even educated youths like him who are post-graduate are against the three agri laws. “The Centre government should know that the educated sons and daughters of farmers who have read the law are against it and the government should not delay in accepting the demand of the agrarian community”, he said.

Kuldeep Hooda said they respect their elders who are braving the cold on the Delhi borders and it was the duty of the youth to mobilise more people to sit with them in their solidarity.
He said that their bike rally would not limit to one day event but would continue going till the farmers’ demands are accepted.


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