‘Every 4th Haryanvi is Jobless’: CMIE

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Haryana has recorded 24.5 percent unemployment, which means that almost every fourth man here in agrarian state is looking for a job.


According to the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), the unemployment rate in the country at present is 7.93 percent. Unemployment is higher in urban areas than in rural areas.

Currently, the unemployment rate in urban areas has gone up to 9.65 percent and in rural areas to 7.13 percent.

By the end of July, the unemployment rate in cities was close to 10 per cent, which has decreased somewhat, but it appears to be increasing once again at the national level.

The Delhi government had revealed through its job portal that it has more job opportunities, while the number of job seekers is less.

According to the government, the jobs available at their end were more than nine lakhs, while the number of job seekers was around 8.5 lakhs.

Good Enough!

But CMIE’s data does not confirm this.

According to its figures, the unemployment rate in the capital Delhi has reached 20.3 percent, which means that every fifth person is looking for a job there.

Haryana has recorded 24.5 percent unemployment, which means that almost every fourth man here in agrarian state is looking for a job.

In Punjab too, 10.4 percent of people have no job.

Unemployment State in States

According to the July data of the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy, the unemployment rate in Bihar has been recorded at 12.2 per cent and Uttar Pradesh at 5.5 per cent.

9 percent in Chhattisgarh, 17.1 percent in Goa, 1.9 percent in Gujarat, 18.6 percent in Himachal Pradesh, 11.2 percent in Jammu and Kashmir, 8.8 percent in Jharkhand, 12.4 percent in Uttarakhand, 6.8 percent in West Bengal, 6.8 percent in Kerala, Central.

3.6 percent in the state, 4.4 percent in Maharashtra, 1.9 percent in Odisha, 21.1 percent in Puducherry, 15.2 in Rajasthan, 8.1 percent in Tamil Nadu, 9.1 in Telangana and 16.4 percent in Tripura.

How true are the claims of skill development?

The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship is also making efforts to provide skills and employment to the people, but the data from CMIE does not seem to be in sync with this.

According to data received from the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, lakhs of youth are being made skilled through all their centers.

Under the Jan Shikshan Sansthan Scheme, 4.10 lakh people have been trained in 2019-20.

Special agriculture methods have been taught to 3.42 lakh people to boost employment in the agriculture sector.

The number of ITI institutes in the country has reached about 15 thousand.

It has 5000 ITI institutes established within the last five years.


Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Former Chief Minister Haryana.

Former Chief Minister and leader of opposition Bhupinder Singh Hooda slammed the Bharatiya Janta Party, stating that Haryana has the highest unemployment rate in the country. According to the data of CMIE, Haryana has earned the first position in unemployment after crossing the Tripura state.

Swaraj India had said that the BJP Government hid actual figures of unemployment and designed their advertisement campaigns to camouflage its failure.

Disclaimer: The story was originally published in an Indian language Newspaper. It was translated here.

Solutions to Joblessness in Haryana

In Haryana unemployment of youth is a big challenge. Ajad Singh Siwach a retired pharmacist who was posted in Rohtak Jail during his service.

He observed that a good number of people who committed crime is of youths in Jail. One day he asked them, ”Why you engage yourself in these wrong works (ulte kaam)? They replied him, ‘Doctor, right jobs (sulte kaam) are not there. So we are compelled to do wrong jobs where money is also in abundance. And when we come to jail, here also we get good daal roti. What else you suggest doctor?”

This is a question is before every reasonably thinking haryanvi that how to resolve the unemployment problem of these youths.

Second point which needs due attention is that the society as whole and youth in particular are having non scientific Orthodox attitude.

This attitude like going for bringing ‘KAVAD’ by thousands of youth.

The number is on increase. Because of such things you are made to divert from his/her real issues of quality education, quality health care, unemployment etc. 

In sports youth have shown their worth but sports facilities availability in villages is at very low ebb.

The main points which can be thought of for youth of Haryana may be as follows:

1. Right to work be made fundamental right.

2. Manage regular and permanent employment.

3. Ban contract jobs.

4. Equal work, equal pay should be applicable

5. Remove the ban on jobs.

6. New employment opportunities should be created.

7. All unemployed should be given unconditional honorable unemployment allowance.

8. Unconditional interest-free loan should be given for self employment.

9. Arrangement quality and scientific education for all should be there.

10. Dirty/porn literature and dirty films should be banned.

11. Ban on liquor contracts in villages and drug abuse in the state.

12. Sports and library should be arranged in every village and locality

13. Indiscriminate exploitation of the environment should be banned.

The whole issue can be summarised as :

A. Agro industries in villages should be developed.

B. Jobs in the public sector like education, health and services should be filled and more jobs be created to improve the services in these areas .

C. Unemployment allowance to be given to unemployed youth.

D.Privatisation in these sectors should be stopped, otherwise unemployment will increase.

E.’Nashakhori’ needs to be banned and a campaign should be there against addiction.

Dr. R.S.Dahiya, Senior Professor, PGIMS Rohtak (Retired)

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