Dushyant’s initiative to give international recognition to rural women’s talent

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For this the women connected with self help groups will get golden opportunity to showcase their talent through international Suraj Kund fair to be organised at Faridabad.

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The State government is going to take a great step in the direction of women empowerment. The initiative of state’s Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala will not only increase the employment opportunities for women but it will also give new recognition and flight to their talent on international level. For this the women connected with self help groups will get golden opportunity to showcase their talent through international Suraj kund fair to be organised at Faridabad.
In the meeting with officials organised through video conference Deputy CM focused on constitution of self help groups and making women self reliant from economic point of view. He also issued directions for ensuring participation of self help groups in next year’s Surajkund fair so that women from rural areas of the state get opportunity of showcasing their talent at international level.

Dushyant Chautala

Deputy CM said that it is the endeavour of the government to increase opportunities of employment for women in the villages as well as cities so that income of the women can be increased. To meet this purpose he has directed officials to constitute self help groups in the villages where such groups have not been constituted and also activate these self help groups where they have already been constituted.

Dushyant Chautala said that chief executive officer will prepare the report after preparing the work plan for constitution of groups in every village at district level. He said that by formation of these self help groups for women in every district not only the products manufactured in the villages will be available in the market but also rate of self reliance in rural area will increase from economic point of view.

Deputy CM said that through this women will play an important role in pulling state out of economic downturn due to lockdown.

Citing example of self help group functioning in Hisar in the meeting, Deputy CM said that in Narnaund, Barwala, Hisar-1 more than 12 thousand women associated with self help groups are earning good income by preparing masks, spices, millet ladoos, soft toys, pickles and other products. Also a booth run by self help group is also operating in hisar’s mini secretariat complex. Dushyant Chautala also directed officials to establish a booth at district level throughout the state for selling the products of self help groups after activating these groups.


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