‘Doctor by Profession, Musician by Passion’

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I learnt the guitar and piano in college while pursuing MBBS and MD. It was not easy to find time to practice guitar on a regular basis because the college schedule was quite strict.

Aditya Aggarwal

Hello, I am Aditya Aggarwal, a musician and an MD pathologist from Sirsa, Haryana. The journey from being born into a doctor family to seriously pursuing music has been quite a bumpy ride.

I was into music since childhood but got serious about making music later in life during college years. I learnt the guitar and piano in college while pursuing MBBS and MD. It was not easy to find time to practice guitar on a regular basis because the college schedule was quite strict. But somehow I managed to attend guitar classes regularly and kept figuring out and playing my favorite songs. I also did some vocal training at Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Delhi, although I could attend vocal classes for only two years. In college, I was exposed to a lot of classic and grunge rock and alternative pop music. My early attempts at forming a band were unsuccessful and so I started composing independently.


After completing my studies, I thought of going to Mumbai to pursue music full time. This was a difficult decision to make as I had a full-fledged career as a doctor ahead of me and giving it up for music was almost a stupid thing to do, it still is. People would agree with me on my face but deep down you know that you are being judged.

But the fire to make music was burning bright and I landed in Mumbai in 2012. It was a great learning experience meeting with people from all walks of life and with such different backgrounds.


It is not easy to get work in Mumbai as the competition is cut throat and talent is a small aspect of your profile. Being a doctor is not much help just that people listen to you a bit more carefully before they say no for work. It should be taken one day at a time and one should keep practising and improving on his/ her art to keep the spirits high. If you are really good at what you do, you do get work, but patience needs to be your forte.

There are no set rules about how to survive but paying your own bills by constantly getting engaged in projects is good as it helps you connect with more people for future and also opens up your mind. You can’t really choose what you want to do initially but as you grow you need to choose projects a bit carefully.

Mumbai is a city teeming with life and life experiences. I got to do many projects as a music man there, such as advertisements, short films, couple of small features and independent songs. Ad jingles are fun to do as the musician needs to be creative to gel the music with the video and it’s not at all boring unlike many commercial documentaries etc. I would be wrong in saying that one should opt to be a musician just because one likes to make music as it is difficult to make your mark unless there is exceptional talent combined with good social skills and hard work.


Not many musicians are able to make the ends meet and currently only the live shows and films are the main sources of revenue. In current times of pandemic, both films and live shows are hard to come by, so even successful musicians are on a pause. But I feel even if everything is normal, the musicians are not getting what they deserve. The music companies do not support artists the way they should. They promote star culture and making money out of live shows but do not promote good music per se.

Life as a session musician is even harder as they stay behind the scenes mostly. If you see old Bollywood songs, you do not remember the musicians or even the music directors, but you remember the songs by actors and singers mostly. Most of the young musicians want to follow the trends and make another version of what they hear. If you listen to Punjabi songs, you can’t tell the difference between two songs at times. I have had instances where some part of my songs has been copied by big music companies and artists but you can’t say anything since they are big. 


Dr. Aditya Aggarwal

I would like to tell the young musicians that if you want to do music, start early and concentrate on learning music and making ends meet too since survival needs to be taken care of before you fly high. YouTube is a big support to artists as it has made things more democratic by being an easily accessible release platform for all.

Later in 2017, I had to come back to Gurgaon and then to Sirsa due to some family problems and started making music from here. I have been frequently releasing songs on my YouTube channel ‘Aditya A’ and have been getting lot of love from people. The song ‘Chaand Baaliyan’ especially has managed to please a lot of audience, maybe because of its upbeat vibe.

Chaand Baaliyan :

Also, the song Yaara tu has garnered about 2lac views on instagram and about 4lac views on YouTube. It is a happy song about travel and friends shot beautifully by Shivam Sharma in a snowy landscape.

Yaara tu :

I try to do justice to the song trying not to be held down by genres. My playlist too, has both The Chainsmokers and Farid Ayaz. I have been living in Haryana since childhood and feel a sense of pride when I see the people from Haryana doing great in their respective fields.

The state has given many great sportspersons in recent years and I hope the trend continues in future. Also, I hope I make more good music and make the state proud! 


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  1. But for nepotism one of our brilliant medic would have been a very busy sought after music- doctor … oops director in Bollywood

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