COVID-19 Analysis: NCR districts Tops the Chart

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Faridabad district is on top with 15860 cases, while Gurugram is second with 15263 cases. Sonipat with 5997 cases is third.

Dr. R.S Dahiya, Ex-Professor, PGIMS Rohtak

It was the 17th of March, 2020, when the first case was reported in Haryana. The number of the COVID-19 cases are increasing and has reached up to 93,641 cases as on 13.09.2020.

Out of these cases 975 patients have died as per the latest report.

District Wise Analysis

Out of the total cases of COVID-19 cases, 15 districts of Haryana are sharing the major part of the total COVID-19 cases in Haryana.

Faridabad district is on top with 15860 cases, while Gurugram is second with 15263 cases.
Sonipat with 5997 cases is third and Ambala with 5823 cases is on fourth rank.Nuh is on lowest side with 964 cases.

As far as the active cases are concerned, Gurugram is on top with Karnal on second rank with 1946 cases, Panipat on third rank with 1802 active cases, Faridabad is on fourth rank with 1734 cases and Kurukshetra on fifth rank with 1504 active cases.

The details of District wise distribution of COVID-19 cases in Haryana is given in Table below.   

If we see the age wise distribution of COVID-19 cases and deaths in Haryana, we find that the maximum number of cases (25767) are in the 25-34 years range. Age group (35-44) years stands second with 18380 cases and group (15-24) years stands third with 14025 cases.

The number of maximum deaths is 264 in age group 55-64 years, whereas it was 232 in age group(65-74) at second position and it was 150 in age group (45-54) at third position.
Percentage wise it was maximum at 11.8% in age group (85-94).

As far as the testing status of Haryana is concerned, the maximum tests (201237) were conducted in Gurugram, while Faridabad being on second position with 163068 tests and Sonipat at third position with 106801 tests.

It is presumed that if the number of tests is increased , there will be more positive cases in Haryana.

The details of each district are given in the table below.

As far as the Health Facility wise distribution of Critical cases is concerned, MM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, Mullana, Ambala was on top with 26 cases on oxygen support and 12 cases on ventilator whereas Panchkula Civil Hospital was second with 25 cases on oxygen support.
 The details per institute are in Table below. 

The cumulative cases kept under Home Isolation till date in Haryana are 59598 cases. Current total Active COVID -19 cases under Home Isolation are 13705.
The district wise details are in the table below.

COVID -19 sero survey in Haryana
State wise population based seroprevalence survey was conducted in all 22 districts of Haryana in August, 2020.

Cross sectional stratified multistage random sampling design was adopted to estimate the prevalence of Anti-COVID IgG antibodies in the state.

On analysis the seropositivity of urban areas is found to be more (9.59%) as compared to rural areas(6.9%) .There were rural urban variations within the districts.  

Rural Faridabad had a very high positivity of 22% followed by Nuh 13%.Urban Faridabad and Nuh has positivity above 30%. Overall seropositivity was 7.9% amongst females and 8% among males.

The overall findings of this sero survey indicates that Haryana is Having less exposure of COVID-19 as compared to Delhi and Mumbai.

The recent trend of COVID -19 cases in Haryana indicates that the state is going to witness a huge hike in overall number of cases, therefore, all necessary precautionary measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the state of Haryana need to be adopted more aggressively in future. Also the Govt . of Haryana needs to strengthen the public health services infrastructure to combat with that situation amicably.


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