Corona cases dip but negligence can cost dear

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Really as a surgeon , I am not able to explain this fact that why under such situation the Covid-19 pandemic is not on out break to higher number of cases.

Dr. R. S Dahiya, Ex-Professor, PGIMS Rohtak

The Covid-19 is still active but the people in Haryana are not much attentive towards the Covid-19 pandemic.
Last week I went from Delhi Bye Pas Rohtak to Old Bus Stand in car at about 7.00 PM. I was surprised to see that hardly maximum 5-10 % people were wearing mask. Lot of public was seen on soaps and roads without any physical distancing. I can not say anything about hand hygiene of these persons. Really as a surgeon , I am not able to explain this fact that why under such situation the Covid-19 pandemic is not on out break to higher number of cases. Similarly , as far as my information goes these preventive measures are not followed in rural areas except by those who go on duty , wear mask to avoid police chalan. Similarly , we see in Bihar Elections, so much crowds in political ralies without any masks and social distancing. There should be big number of corona cases there in Bihar. If even after such public exposures , this covid -19 cases donot increase beyond limits, things are to be seriously ponder over. Virologists of PGIMS , Rohtak or other pandemic experts may enlighten on this behaviour of people in Rohtak and some villages I could know about or Bihar.

If we go in depth of Rohtak situation , then find that because of unmasked market crowd, in last 6 months 1700 different type of karobari( traders) have got the covid-19 infection. Most of the traders who got infected are from gandhi camp, DLF colony Arya nagar, Janta colony , Bavra mohalla, Sori market, kila mohalla area. Even on Sunday the opening of market in Gandhi camp may create more problems. There is still more danger of getting infected in navratri season. The public and the traders have to be more careful these days to avoid infection by covid-19. Some important points of precautions are discussed later.
~If we review Haryana for the week 25 october,2020, There are 158304 total confirmed cases out of which 146282 cases have recovered.
~Total deaths are 1727 . Multicomorbidity related covid 19 deaths are 47% of the total deaths. So the people with multi comorbidity diseases have to be very careful to avoid infection .
~ Recovery of cases is 92.4%.
~Guru gram and Faridabad have maximum number of total positive cases. Guru gram has still maximum number of active cases to be 2870. Surprisingly there are 1087 active cases in Hisar whereas Faridabad has only 912 active cases.
~Nuh district has 28 cases, minimum number of active cases in Haryana.
~Total samples collected are 2527343, out of which 158304 were positive.
~Total home isolation cases in Haryana are113430 whereas current active cases in home isolation are 7014 .
For any information the following doctors can be contacted in Haryana

For any details/clarification, please contact on following contact details:

PGIMS, Rohtak: Mr Tanuj Gupta: 9671018596 (

BPS Khanpur: Dr Sandeep: 7027705001 (email: (

ESIC Faridabad: Dr Charu Jain: 9811916113 (email: (

KCGMC, Karnal : Dr. Bhawana Sharma: 9466883708 (email:

ICAR-NRCE, Hisar: Dr. Baldev Gulati : 9416650040 (email :

Command Hospital Chandi Mandir : Lt. Con. Dr. Anshu Kumar :7798225589 (email

Civil Hospital Panchkula : Dr. Neeraj Arora :9779917997 (email:

SHKMMC Nuh : Dr. Pratibha Kolte :8826958538

MAMC Agroha : Dr. Harender : 8295466270 (email:

THSTI, Faridabadf: Dr. Abbas Zafar : 8750351419 (

Civil Hospital Ambala: Dr. Hitesh Verma: 9467003812 (

Civil Hospital Gurugram : Dr. Ranjana :9812575732 (

~We as Jan Swasthya Abhiyan activists appeal to the people to
–wear proper mask during outing
— keep proper physical distancing while out of home for outside work.
— hand hygiene should be practised very seriously.
— proper diet should be taken in time .
— we should be aware of rumours and non authentic advise of taking certain products to increase immunity.
We should fight corona rather than ignoring corona .

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