BJP has no achievements to show for their six years: Hooda

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If the BJP really wants to know, then our list of works is so long that it will take a full day to count. Whereas BJP does not have a single achievement to show to the people.

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Former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Bhupinder Singh Hooda launched a full frontal attack against the BJP government, saying that the government has no achievements to show after spending six years in office and is seeking votes through political rhetoric and creating social division.

On day three of his election campaign in Baroda, he sought votes from the people in Khanpur Khurd, Baroda, Banwasa, Ridana, Dhanana, Ghadwal, Bhavad and Nizampur. On this occasion, Hooda said the BJP situation so pitiable that instead of showcasing their work and seeking support on their achievements, they are demanding answers from the opposition. “If the BJP really wants to know, then our list of works is so long that it will take a full day to count. Whereas BJP does not have a single achievement to show to the people,” he said.
Hooda said the three agricultural laws is the biggest crisis facing the farmers and laborers of the state today. “People of Baroda and Haryana know the different as our government worked to empower farmers. The rate of almost every crop was increased by 2 to 3 times, the rate of paddy had also reached Rs 4,000 to 6,0000. At that time, the central government had waived the debt of Rs 72000 crore of the farmers, while in Haryana, loans of Rs 2,200 crore and interest payments of Rs 850 crore interest were waived off,” Hooda stated.
“Not only this, the historic work of waiving the electricity bill of Rs 1600 crore was also done during our government. In addition to this, our governments at the centre and the state gave thousands of crores as subsidies and concessions to the farmers. There was no delay in payments and there were no restrictions on the sale made farmers was never denied. The farmers of Baroda and the entire Haryana compare the performance of the Congress and the BJP governments and find that the BJP government has failed on every front,” he added.

“Instead of waiving off the debt of the farmers and providing them relief, the BJP government has increased the debt burden on them. Instead of subsidizing, taxing fertilizers, seeds, oil and farming equipment, they have increased the input costs of the farmer,” Hooda stated.
Talking about the welfare programmes for the weaker sections, Hooda said during the Congress government, free hundred yard residentials plots were given to 3.82 poor and dalit families. Also, for Rs 91,000 were given for building a house, free tank, taps and water connections were given. He said the BJP government stopped the plan as soon as it was elected and not a single poor family was given a plot in 6 years.
The former Chief Minister attacked the BJP government for the growing joblessness in the state and said the government has failed miserably to provide any relief, making Haryana a state with one of the highest unemployment numbers. Hooda said about 3 lakh youth were given government jobs during our government, besides the lakhs of jobs created in the booming private sector.
Hooda said against the figure of 3 lakh jobs during the Congress rule, the current government has barely given 50 thousand jobs in 6 years. “What has been more disturbing is that more people have been sacked or have lost their jobs, than the number of jobs created under this government. If we take the number of jobs created by the BJP in all departments, we created double that number in the Education Department alone,” he remarked.
The former Chief Minister said instead of giving jobs, the BJP government is busy snatching the jobs of the employees. The economy is in a state where the private sector is not investing jobs are not being created. What makes the crisis worse is that government departments are being put in private hands, which is leading to large-scale retrenchment. The government is not only firing temporary employees, but also permanent ones.
“The farmers are impacted by government policy, the youth are unemployed because of government apathy and everyone is impacted by rising prices. Therefore, in Baroda by-election, the public will give a piece of their minds to the incumbent BJP government,” Hooda said.


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