Baroda Bypoll: Congress gets shot in arm after Kapoor joins

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All announced decision to fight unitedly against BJP, under the leadership of Bhupinder Singh Hooda.

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Dr Kapoor Narwal, who is contesting as an independent candidate from Baroda, has withdrawn his support in support of the Congress. Accepting the leadership of former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Kapoor Narwal announced the support of Induraj Bhalu.

Independent candidate Joginder Mor, who withdrew the nomination in support of Kapoor Narwal and Meham Independent MLAs Balraj Kundu also announced the support of Bhupinder Singh Hooda in this fight against BJP.

All leaders expressed their support for Bhupinder Singh Hooda in this battle to get Haryana’s better future and push the BJP out of power.
On this occasion, Kapoor Narwal said he took the decision to withdraw from the race for the honour and respect of Baroda and for change in Haryana. He hoped that Bhupinder Singh Hooda will carry this fight to the end and will work to get the BJP out of power. “This change will begin from Baroda,” Narwal added.

In a major development, Independent MLA Balraj Kundu also announced support for Bhupinder Singh Hooda in the fight to oust the BJP from the state. “Today, entire Haryana is looking at Baroda with hope. Therefore, in this election, not just the defeat of BJP, but to ensure that they forfeit their deposit. I stand with Bhupinder Singh Hooda and Deepender Singh Hooda in this fight,” Kundu said. On this occasion, Joginder Mor, several farmer organizations and people from all communities announced the support of Bhupinder Singh Hooda and the Congress party.

Addressing the public meeting, Bhupinder Singh Hooda welcomed Kapoor Narwal’s decision and said that not only Baroda, but the people of entire state respect this sacrifice of Kapoor Narwal. “This decision has created a wave of enthusiasm throughout Haryana. Dr Narwal’s joining the Congress has made the battle of Baroda a one-sided affair. This will mark the beginning of change and this eave for change will reach all over Haryana,” Hooda said.

Hooda assured the people present in the meeting that he would lead the fight for change, and no one would be allowed to snatch the steering wheel, handed over to him by the farmers and people of the state. “You have to ensure that no one attacks from the back, I am capable of handling any attack that comes from the front,” Hooda said, committing to fighting for change.
“In last six years, they have derailed Haryana, pushed the state into debt, make Haryana number one in unemployment, top in crime. It is time to push out the government which has pushed the youth towards drugs and crime. All the people who have come together to support me in this fight, are welcome,” he said.

Rajya Sabha MP Deepender Singh Hooda said the time for change has come. “As soon as the counting of votes in Baroda ends, the countdown of BJP-JJP coalition government will start. The people of the state are now demanding change because this government has wasted six years of the state and has left the state on the verge of total financial collapse,” Deepender said.
“So, Baroda’s fight is not just Congress vs BJP, Hooda vs Khattar or Induraj vs Yogeshwar Dutt, but this election is to decide the future of Haryana. In this election, the people of Baroda have to decide whether it wants to retain the BJP-JJP coalition government in Haryana or to overthrow it. This by-election has given Haryana a chance to uproot this government,” Deepender added.

“This is an opportunity to take revenge on the government which attacked farmers in Kurukshetra. This is an opportunity to teach a lesson to the dictatorial government that lodges farmers in false cases. This is the time to ask to ask questions of those who looted the farmer’s crops in the mandis. This is your chance to get even with scamsters who looted the farmers in the purchase of paddy, rice, mustard and millet. In this by-election, farmers, workers, shopkeepers, businessmen and common people will jointly and decisively cast their vote against the coalition government,” the Rajya Sabha MP said.

Those present on the occasion included Gohana MLA Jagbir Malik, former Union Minister Jayaprakash, several Congress MLAs, Professor Virendra Singh and almost all the leaders applying for tickets in the Congress.


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