‘BAI is creating Roadmap for Domestic Calender’-Singhania

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We are in touch with all government bodies responsible as well as our state federations- we have a meeting soon and we will discuss how we can make a comeback.

Sat Singh (satsingh@haryanafirst.com)

BAI secretary Ajay Singhania with Badminton champion PV Sindhu.

In the pandemic environment, the tournaments of all Sports including Badminton have been cancelled and the players of the game find themselves surrounded by many questions pertaining to the game. Haryana First spoke to Badminton Association of India’s secretary Ajay Singhania couple of questions pertaining to the Badminton.

Answering generously, Singhania tries to answer questions that Badminton players, their coaches and players are looking for in order to chalk out further strategy of game.


HF. How will you start Badminton Tournaments Domestic and International,  with social distancing and all precautions, Any Road map if you have?

BAI: We are in discussions along with our state member federations as to how we can create a road map that follows all the safety protocols. We are keen to resume our domestic calendar, the safety and health conditions of each and every player and technical officials in the country is of paramount importance and we can not put that into risk. So despite our eagerness to restart we want to be cautious and maintain a wait and watch policy for now.

HF: Most of the All India Nationals in various age categories are organized at the end of the year. So is there any planning regarding conducting of the nationals with COVID-19 this year?

BAI: Like I said, safety of everyone involved in tournament organising is of priority, I will not rule out possibilities but can’t be said in certain terms as well right now.

HF: What are the major challenges BAI is facing in this Corona period?

BAI: In a normal setup close to 1500 participants take part in a tournament in any given time and including parents and other stakeholders we can easily expect an attendance of close to 3000 odd people at a given time inside a stadium and these are numbers which will only increase and conducting tournaments in absence of full proof measures still looks far fetched.

HF: When will your BAI calendar for 2020 tournaments be out for players who are practicing day in and day out?

BAI: We are in touch with all government bodies responsible as well as our state federations- we have a meeting soon and we will discuss how we can make a comeback.

HF: Most of this year there are no badminton tournaments,  events . So what is your planning for next year i.e 2021?

BAI: Two of the BWF tournaments allotted for the end of the year, Syed Modi And Indian Open stands cancelled for now. So we will try to organise these tournaments next year as per schedule if the situation betters. We will also want the domestic tournaments to resume but it all depends how the COVID pandemic responds.

HF: What will be your advice for rank players in this Corona period. Any suggestions?

BAI: Be Safe. Do your physical exercises regularly and maintain your fitness. It’s a matter of time and we will be back soon but till then we all need to be patient and stay home.


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