75% Jobs Bill passed in Assembly: Dushyant Chautala

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BJP-JJP coalition government gives Diwali gift to youth in Haryana. Bill to give 75% jobs to Haryana youth in private sector passed in Vidhan Sabha.

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Chandigarh: BJP-JJP coalition government gives Diwali gift to youth in Haryana. Bill to give 75% jobs to Haryana youth in private sector passed in Vidhan Sabha. This bill was presented by Deputy CM on the floor of Vidhan Sabha on Thursday. After the bill was passed, Deputy CM Dushyant Chautala tweeted that today our promise to the lakhs of youth of Haryana has been fulfilled and now Haryanvi youth will have 75% jobs in private sector. He said this moment after exactly one year of the government is an emotional one for him.

After passing of the Bill, while addressing the reporters, Dushyant Chautala said that it is a historic day for youth of the state. Now in future, any new factory or already established factory who advertise vacancies will have to employ 75%jobs. He said that BJP-JJP government is committed to give jobs to local youth and this is a step in the tight direction. He said that the bill to give 75% jobs to youth in private sector also has provisions for strict implementation. There is a provision for penalty for any company/factory, institute or trust that hides the information regarding its employees.

Deputy CM also clarified that any employee in private sector will not be laid off but all information regarding employees with salary less than 50000 will be required to be uploaded on government website, which will be free of cost. The responsibility of registration will lie with the company, firm of employer. He said that any firm or employer that fails to register its employess or provides incomplete or incorrect information, gives fraudulent certification or does not follow rules laid under the Act, will be liable to be fined under various sections in the Bill. He said that the employer will have to update information every trimester.

Important points of Bill relating to 75% reservation in private sector

-Will be applicable to companies,societies, trusts, firms in the state with more than 10 employees
-Will be beneficial to Haryana domiciled persons
-Bill will be applicable to jobs with salary less than 50000
-All companies etc will be required to upload the information regarding number of posts with less than 50000 salary and how many are occupied by Haryana youth.
-No company can employ new persons until they upload this information
-Company owner may limit the number of employees from one district to 10%
-If skilled employee is not found for a certain job, then exception can be made. Decision to be taken by Deputy Commissioner of the district or higher officer
-Every company is required to give status report for implementation of Act every trimester
-SDM or higher officer can inspect company data in regard to implementation of the Bill and enter the premises

  • Defaulting companies will face action under law
  • This law will be implemented for next 10-years.
  • EOM.

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